Upgrading your sexuality hasmany effects.

Some of The effects of sexuality are well researched.

In a nutshell: Why should you take care of your intimate health?

You create an awareness for your sex & love life.

This allows you to take charge of your sexual journey with mindfulness and confidence.

This helps you to establish & maintain the right balance of different neurotransmitters and hormones in your body.

The effect of this reaches out to your overall well-being & physical health.

And that's what we want.
Let's grow together.

An overview of important neurotransmitters & hormones


Dopamine is released in anticipation of sexual activity. Whenever pleasure is on your radar, dopamine will tell you that it is a great idea, i.e., it will motivate you to pursue that reward. It also enhances attention, reinforcement learning and memory formation. However, dopamine doesn't distinguish between beneficial and harmful pleasures, potentially contributing to issues like porn addiction. Thus, making informed choices about sexuality is crucial! 5, 7


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter released after orgasm. It is crucial for emotional balance and helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It plays a role in sleep-wake cycles, contributes to a sense of calm and relaxation, and influences feelings of fullness and satiety. It's levels can also be increased by exposure to sunlight and interventions that include positive thought alterations. 10, 13, 15


Often called the “love hormone” or “bonding hormone,” oxytocin is released during physical touch, sexual arousal, and social bonding. It plays a significant role in building emotional connections, trust, and attachment between individuals. High levels of oxytocin can also reduce the effects of stress and promote relaxation. For women, it is also essential for uterine contractions during labor and milk ejection during breastfeeding. 2, 3, 4, 5


Endorphins are natural painkillers and mood elevators. Endorphins are released during physical activity, including sexual activity, contributing to feelings of pleasure and overall relaxation. This heightened pleasure then increases the levels of sexual desire. They can also create a sense of overall well-being and thus reduce discomfort and pain. 1, 8


This hormone is often associated with male sexual desire, but it is present in both men and women. High testosterone levels lead to more sexual desire, more sexual arousal, and more sensitivity in erogenous zones. It contributes to muscle mass, bone density, and overall physical health. But most importantly, testosterone can influence mood and self-confidence. 6, 9, 11


Similar to testosterone, this hormone is present in both men and women. It also helps maintain bone density and strength. And, it can influence mood and cognitive function. For women, it plays an essential role in increasing sexual desire, vaginal lubrication and also helps maintain a more regular menstruation. 12, 14, 16

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