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A healthy sexuality starts by knowing your own sexuality well.

Nesoma combines scientific knowledge with a program tailored to you. This is how you can upskill your sexuality and love game in the long term. We help you understand your relationship with sex and get to the bottom of your needs. Equipped with the necessary knowledge and the right support, you can improve step by step - and be successful in the long run!

Nesoma stands for New Soma.

Somas are the cell bodies of neurons that play a crucial role in processing and integrating sensory information related to sexual arousal and pleasure. They receive inputs from sensory receptors (e.g. erogeneous zones) and integrate them with other neurons to lead to the experience of pleasure. Thus, we like to say, that our brain is the most important sexual organ that exists in our body.

What we care about.


We develop our products based on scientific facts and principles, such as systemic and cognitive behavioral therapy. In this way, we enable people to develop joyful healthy behaviors in the long term.


Innovation is what drives us. We are constantly working on the further development of our product. Nesoma aims to provide personalized solutions for sexual wellness by leveraging the power of AI and modern technology.


We know that sexuality can be a very sensitive topic. We treat your data as we like our own to be treated. We store your sensitive data strictly separated from your personal data to assure full anonymity. Why? We want you to unfold freely in a safe space in full compliance with the GDPR.

Meet our Founder.

Experienced. Versatile. Open-Minded.

Sarah is a clinical psychologist, who completed her Masters' degree at the LMU Munich and University of Konstanz Summa Cum Laude. She also holds a systemic coaching education (MISW) and another MSc degree in Management from EMLYON Business School and LMU Munich. Next to her studies, she has been interested in technology since childhood and started coding in her early 20s. Prior to founding Nesoma Health, Sarah worked at fast-growing startups such as Personio, Konux and Climedo, where she worked as a software developer and product manager, among others. Especially during her two years at Climedo, she got familiar with highly regulated markets and handling sensitive data. She is also working as a sexual coach and systemic couples therapist.

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